Belper Goes Green – An ECO Festival that Grows Bigger and Greener Each Year

A wonderful ECO festival is being set up each year in Belper town. Its mission is to educate and convince the local community to embrace, develop and share a more environmentally friendly living.

The small ECO town that combines creativity and unity, to bring awareness over climate change.

Six years ago, a handful of people from the local community, sat down and discussed about the current climate change issues and their influence upon their daily lives and decided to join the Transition Initiative and to become an active part of the green movement. This is an initiative that takes place in well over a thousand highly diverse communities across the world – from South America to Australia, Europe, UK and Canada.  Its purpose is to teach people and help them share a simpler, lower on carbon eco-friendly and healthy life-style.

These communities have developed projects in areas of education, food, transportation, energy, housing, recycling, waste, arts etc. to send a warning over the global challenges of shrinking supplies, climate change, toxic living and economic hardship of cheap energy. They also aim to show the way forward for governments and corporations, and to educate each community member to become an active part in the fight for a greener life.

So far, all the members implied are proud of doing something constructive for their lives and community and talk about the importance of inclusion, how it made them happier and how it strengthened their community.

The same approach was used to build the Belper Goes Green festival, a weekend long line of events that proved to be an utter success from its early stages. In 2013, over 3500 people enjoyed a great variety of healthy food, tasted a wide variety of local beers, listened to live music, visited the festival stalls, swapped clothes and books, pedaled the electric bicycles and learned about a greener life-style. The festival was also packed with workshops, inspiring and creative that were conceived to provide fun upcycling ideas and constructive debates over transport, energy, food, recycling, climate change, their effects and how to overcome them by simply approaching a healthier living.

In 2017, the festival saw over 10.000 visitors throughout the entire weekend and its organizers worked harder than ever to be more responsible, through extensive recycling efforts, renewable energy powered stages, information boards, reusable recycled glasses, and a solar power recharge point.

The festival organizer David George, said: “It has been absolutely superb with the attendance over the weekend being well beyond our wildest dreams. It has far exceeded expectations.

The last edition hosted around 40 bands that took over the Solar and Bike powered stages enchanting the listeners with a colorful mixture of musical styles from ska, to folk and heavy metal.

The visitors savored a huge diversity of food and around 30 real ales and ciders, that almost sold out during the weekend.

There were also new playgrounds and workshops, such as The Fun Palace, the Wellbeing Area, the Talks Tent, the Stone Balancing circle and the Human Library that offered alternative things to learn along with interactive and creative ways of getting involved in the eco-movement.  The kid’s area was larger, with a wider range of activities and its placement gave the parents the option to enjoy the music and watch their children play in a safe environment.

The organizers promised to return with an even stronger enthusiasm for the 2018 edition, bringing more artists and events to share the simpler, lower on carbon and environmentally friendly means of living life in a relaxed and uplifting way.

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