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Learn About Online Bitcoin Trading and Stay Up to Date with the Cryptocurrency World

A little over one year ago, 20 miles away from Belper, Blockchain-Nottingham was born. It all started with a small idea that turned into a great community for those who are interested in learning all about the world of Blockchain, Decentralized Ledger Technology and Cryptocurrency.

The group meets-up at monthly events, made to gather great leaders of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Innovation from all over the world, along with anyone that wishes to learn more about this market regardless of experience.

Over the past year the organizers have welcomed a range of talented individuals and companies to join the events and share their experiences, vision, tactics and challenges for a better, bolder and more profitable online trading market. Debates such as: The evolution of Bitcoin, How to buy cryptocurrency, The best bitcoin trading platforms and strategies, are just a few of the long list of themes approached at the monthly meetings and the list is open for anyone who wishes to join the group and to improve their knowledge on cryptocurrency.
During the events they focus upon the infinite applications and capabilities of Blockchain/DLT technologies and how they will revolutionize the trading market in the future.

Join the group to receive precious advice on how to get started in Blockchain projects, how to invest wisely in Cryptocurrencies, learn which are the best bitcoin trading platforms and how to prepare for the new wave of changes that 2018 will bring, and many-many more.

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Another goal of these meetings is to build an even bigger and greater community, that will reach far out Nottingham and Derbyshire. The main purpose is to mobilize all the great minds to start new and innovative projects that will improve trading in the crypto area.

“We hope to help those who want to buy Bitcoin or other Crypto Assets for the first time and are unsure of how they can do so safely (and affordably). We will also explore and share useful resources to keep you abreast of the markets and how to identify and navigate opportunities.”, said Jonathan M., one of the founders of this group.
Anyone who wants to learn more about trading cryptocurrencies can propose certain subjects for future debates and the group members will do their best to answer any questions that might arise.


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